Power Curbers manufactures Curb Machines, both conventional slip form machines and small walk-behind extruders. The 5700-C and 5700-C-MAX slip form machines handle applications such as curbing, curb & gutter, sidewalks, barrier wall, bridge parapet, stadium risers, irrigation ditches, and agricultural applications. The extruder style curb machines are generally used for scab-on curb jobs, laying the curb on top of the pavement or a highly compacted, smooth, pavement grade surface. Power Curbers has been building curb machines for almost 60 years!

Power Curbers is located in Salisbury, NC, USA. We can be reached at 704-636-5871, by fax at 704-633-8140, by Email at [email protected], or at our website, www.powercurbers.com.

Power Pavers manufactures Concrete Paving Machines and related equipment. The SF-1700 and SF-2700 are our smaller, low profile slipform pavers. Our SF-3000 is a larger, conventional frame-over slipform paver. Paving widths up to 32 ft. (9.75m) are available. The PS-2700 and PS-3000 belt placer/spreader machines allow the concrete to be delivered from beside the paving lane. Our TC-2700 texture/cure machine completes the whole paving train. Our paving equipment is used for streets, highways, airports, parking lots, and other applications.

Power Pavers is a division of Power Curbers, Inc. Power Pavers is located in Cedar Falls, IA, USA. We can be reached at 319-987-3070, by fax at 319-987-3074, by Email at [email protected], or at our website, www.powerpavers.com.

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